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Soraya Shaikh, PhD

Welcome to my website. I have over 30 years of clinical development experience, including early and late stage drug development working in large Pharma. I have been lead scientist in areas of pharmacovigilance (PV), clinical development and medical affairs. I have a proven track record in my roles associated with successful regulatory submissions to US and EU agencies.


Pharmacovigilance expertise supporting products in cell and gene therapy and immuno-oncology is a key area of focus. Extensive clinical development expertise has also been gained in therapy areas covering neurosciences, pain and anaesthesia, respiratory and GI.


As well as my love of science, I love to paint and I chose the company name, Verzino, adopting from the water colour Verzino Violet, a beautiful complex colour made possible through the wonders of synthetic chemistry; a case of art meeting science. Its clarity and vibrant quality is a theme that here at Verzino, we aim to provide in the scientific work we undertake in supporting your clinical development requirements.

“At Verzino, we are dedicated to providing expert consultation in the areas of pharmacovigilance, clinical development and medical affairs.”

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